Oral History Library

Oral History Library’s design is inspired by the city Despina from Italo Calvino’s book, Invisible Cities.

“It is a city between the ocean and desert, with Calvino describing the city as being perceived as a ship when approaching from the desert, and a camel when approaching from the sea.

“This project aims to create a bridge between the land and water as a metaphor of oral history – the bridge between past and present. The site Cockatoo Island, a slipway between land and water.

“The building consists of a timber frame structure and a series of opening precast concrete boxes sitting within the frame.

“The boxes transit from front to the rear, above to below as visitors get closer to the water, engaging the visitors with a series of rotated vessels with a haptic emphasis of light.”

Ref : https://www.freedownloadcad.com


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